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With the help of professional athletes and nutritionists, we have created a range of 100% natural blends to improve energy, focus, performance, endurance, recovery and sleep. To fuel something extraordinary, we believe you need to think long term. We avoid short term energy hits from high caffeine, sugar-based products and focus on a slow, natural, sustainable release of energy.

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Our Story

On a cycle journey the length of South America, I grew tired of the crash from coffee and artificial energy drinks. I discovered that local teas were a much more natural, sustainable way to fuel my mission.

With the help of professional athletes and nutritional experts I tested them out on a world record run across Iceland, running 17 marathons in 10 days.

I felt a transformational effect on my energy levels and we've therefore released a range of hot and cold brew teas for anyone looking to optimise their performance.

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The Mission Range

We have created six blends to be taken around your training and performance, hot or cold.

Mission Tea Mission Tea

Energise + Focus

Our Energise and Focus blends use Green Tea + Matcha Green Tea as a base for a slow, gentle release of energy. Take hot or cold at the start of the day for a natural boost.

MISSION Athletic: Perform + Endure

Our MISSION Athletic range is designed to be taken before and during sporting performance. The blends contain Yerba Mate, Matcha Green Tea and added natural electrolytes for a slow release of energy and replacing lost fluids after sweating.

Recover + Sleep

Our Recovery and Sleep teas use ingredients such as Rooibos, Ashwagandha and Turmeric, high in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, for a 100% natural recovery process. Take our Recovery tea hot or cold, whilst Sleep is best taken hot just before bed.

Press + Awards

Mission Tea Mission Tea
Mission Tea

Evening Standard @evening.standard

“A healthier and more natural alternative to other caffeinated drinks - you have to check these out!”

Mission Tea

Trail Running @trailrunningmag

“Used by various elite sports teams, including Manchester City, Tottenham Hotspur, GB Triathlon and the Welsh Rugby Union.”

Mission Tea

Guild of Fine Food @guildoffinefood

“Great Taste Awards gold star for both matcha powders and biodegradable tea bag categories. Simply delicious.”

Mission Tea

The Sun @thesun

“Our recommended fuel for this year.”

Mission Tea

Women's Running @womensrunningmagazine

“Best value nutrition drink on the market this year.”

Mission Tea

Runner's World @runnersworldmag

Awarded best sports nutrition product 2019.

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