Is There Plastic in Tea Bags?

Posted by Emily Booth on

We all want to do our part in saving the planet, but here’s the dilemma: Plastic is in everything, even the less obvious items.  Case in point — your tea bags. And while it may seem small and harmless, get your head around this: In Britain alone, we consume 6 billion cups of tea annually, 96% of which are brewed using bags.  

The culprit here is a plastic called polypropylene, which is the component in the bag that works as a heat sealant. As Jo Whitfield, CEO of Co-Op Food, recently pointed out:  “When you consider the 6 billion cups of tea brewed up every year, we are looking at around 150 tonnes of polypropylene – that’s an enormous amount of accumulated plastic waste that is either contaminating food waste compost collections or simply going to landfill."  

We are committed to environmental sustainability, starting with our pyramid tea bags.  They’re made from a 100% biodegradable corn starch, a material developed in Japan that is both safe and non-toxic.


And in an effort to become fully eco-conscious, tweaking our packaging is next on the list. Our tea is currently boxed using plastic components, as we’re unable to keep it fresh otherwise.  But stay tuned because we’re working on an innovative, new approach to fix this — and we’re kind of excited about it.

In the meantime, we hope you’ll think twice about what’s steeping in your cup.  Remember — small moves create big impact.

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