Mission Tea
Looking for the best energising tea or coffee alternative? Our Energise Cocoa + Ginger blend is served in our innovative plastic free teabag + is packed with nutrient rich ingredients such as Chinese chunmee Green Tea to create a calm and steady release of energy. As well as antioxidant rich Cocoa Nibs + Ginger, it also includes Beetroot. The nitrates in beets help to improve mental + cognitive function by promoting the dilation of blood vessels; thus increasing blood flow to the brain. For more info, we recommend reading about our No Coffee Challenge to discover the benefits of a jitter-free, healthy alternative to coffee that will still help to gently boost your energy levels.

Build your own personalised box

3 packs for £12 (save over 35%)

Discovery Bundle

Discovery Bundle

6 packs for £24.00 (save over 35%)