Our Story

Hello 👋 My name is Tom and I’m the founder of Mission.

In 2016, I embarked on a charity cycle ride covering the length of South America. Cycling 12 hours a day for 9 months straight, I wanted any energy-boost I could find and like most people, turned to coffee & artificial energy drinks.

I struggled hugely with spikes and slumps in energy levels as a result. However, when I discovered the local teas I found a much more sustainable way to fuel myself. These teas were predominantly made using South American Yerba Mate (pronounced yer-bah mah-tay) and I became obsessed with the link between performance and tea.

Arriving back in the UK, with the help of sports scientists, nutritionists and master tea blenders, I tested over 500 blends, researching different ingredients that would truly make a difference when it came to physical performance and wellbeing. As well as Yerba Mate, the most significant ingredients included Matcha and Rooibos, both renowned for their health & energising properties.

I put the final recipes through their paces during my World Record Breaking Run across Iceland. Running for over 10 hours a day, I found the sustainable effects from the teas (10-20mg of caffeine) much more beneficial than the hard hitting coffee (300mg + of caffeine) and energy drink alternatives (28g of sugar). I competed the run with energy to spare and I’m now onto my next challenge to row the Atlantic with All Oar Nothing.

I truly believe I’ve created the best tea for #fuellingextraordinary - whether that is an endurance adventure or building a business from your kitchen table. I’m proud of how far Mission has come from that first thought three years ago & hope you will continue to follow us on our journey. 

Mission Tea - Our Story
Mission Tea - Our Story
Mission Tea - Our Story